For over 20 years, ADI Mobile Health has designed and manufactured solid, reliable, and highly functional Mobile Health Clinics.

We are a health care company. Approaching design issues from the clinical experience and perspective of both health professionals and patients sets us apart as a mobile health care manufacturer. Our design expertise is based on the analysis of the unique goals of each program to provide the utmost in function, service life, and reliability. 

  • ADI Mobile Health sets the standards for the industry by integrating professional technology and cost effective creative solutions.
  • As a full line dental and medical equipment dealer, we can provide any desired equipment.
  • Our vehicle chassis and bodies are provided by proven leaders in the industry.
  • Customers look to ADI Mobile Health for the strongest after-sales customer support in the industry.
  • We are proud to provide both staff training at the time of delivery and the option of additional on-going training.
  • Our service staff is readily available to answer questions.
  • Repeat customers are the strongest indication of our success.